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Jennifer’s (Genevieve') life-long passion has been Fashion, Design and the Arts.  With an Architectural degree and a Masters in Business, her love of travel has taken her to all corners of the globe in search of unique and elegant designs.  As you view the website you will notice influences from around the world.
After creating Timeless Designs for her personal collection, in 1997 Jennifer began what has become the exclusive source of Designer Jewelry for a loyal clientele of Metro-Detroit’s most fashionable and successful women- PearlaBella Collections by Genevieve’. 

 "I have always loved to wear the finest quality fashion at an affordable price.  Now I am able to share this same love of fashion with many women by offering the finest at prices less than half of what they would expect to pay."  

Today, Jennifer's creations are shown by some of the finest Jewelers in the United States and Canada- many of her pieces will become family heirlooms....start your tradition today. 

Come join Jennifer's love of Fashionable Elegance and own timeless pieces from her PearlaBella Collection.

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