Hi, my name is Gabriella, actually the company is named after me!  In my opinion, PearlaBella has the coolest designs EVER!  I feel like a princess wearing them.  I always get compliments wherever I go.  My aunt's designs are going to be the next best thing. So I really think you should buy from her. 

(I love you Aunt Zsa Zsa!)

Gabriella - Bloomfield Hills



I've been a Pearlabella client for years and just adore my amazing pieces, they're absolutley spectacular. PearlaBella delivers A+ quality and the service is outstanding.  I've never been disappointed with the quality of the service.

Paula B. - Warren




I love PearlaBella.  There is never a time that I am wearing one of the beautiful sets of pearls or carrying her handbags that I don't get a compliment.  That is the jewelry I always reach for first.  Jennifer is wonderful to work with when it comes to creating custom pieces.  She will work with you until you are satisfied.  I know that she will never sell anything but the highest quality merchandise.  Thanks Jennifer for creating PearlaBella and making sure we will always stand out in a crowd.  Best of luck to you on your newly created website.  It is about time that more people find out about the fabulous items you have. I know I can never get enough.

Dr. Anita - Bloomfield Hills

Accessories are the most important part of an outfit.  The selection, price and quality that I have found with PearlaBella are unbeatable.  Every time I wear them I get complimented.

Paula G. - Bloomfield Hills


The purses you purchase from PearlaBella are unique.  When you carry one of them people always stop and comment on the beauty of them. I consider them like a piece of art work.

Michelle J.  - Bloomfield Hills




For my high school prom, I fell in love with a dress that was unfortunately over my budget.  That didn't leave me any money to spend on accessories so I had to go borrowing for these items.  I discovered this pearl necklace and bracelet that my mom had purchased from PearlaBella.  I loved my dress, the necklace, got lots of compliments, it was perfect!

Kim M. - Bloomfield Hills




I am really proud of  Jennifer.  She took a dream of hers and made it come to reality. You will never be disappointed with the quality, exquisite designs and best of all incredible pricing.

Mom - West Bloomfield




PearlaBella designs are so disctinctive that my 3 year old son can identify them, he always ask "mom, are those from PearlaBella?" and I own A LOT of jewelry....but he knows.  He'll make a great husband one day!

Jennifer D. - Novi