A miracle.... Did you know?

If you looked in over 10,000 oysters, you might be lucky enough to actually find a single natural pearl. Therefore, due to the scarcity of natural pearls, almost 99% of the pearls in the world’s market are Cultured pearls. So what does that really mean? Simply put, a tiny particle is implanted in an oyster, and over time, a coating begins to appear in many layers which begins to form the pearl. When you think how long it takes to cultivate one pearl and how long it takes to match up size and color, it truly is a miracle when finally pulling together a beautiful strand of pearls.

At PearlaBella, Inc, we offer beautiful Cultured fresh water pearls from Asia. South Sea and Tahitian Black Pearls are also available upon request.

So let’s learn a little more about what it takes for a beautiful strand of pearls. Very similar to diamonds, pearls are rated on color, size (mm) and luster.


Typical colors of pearls are white, black, pink, peach, and yellow. These are all natural colors. Although, no strand is exactly the same, an overtone may be given to a white strand, where you may see a creamier white color or a pinkier tone to the strand.

Did you know?......New technology that has taken the pearl industry by storm is "laser dyeing". So what does that mean? A Cultured fresh water pearl is laser dyed to create a stunning Tahitian look at a fraction of the cost. So the black pearls that you will view in this web site along with brown, gray, hot pink are all laser dyed Cultured fresh water pearls. So how fun would it be to wear a stylish brown pearl set or hot pink pearls to complement today’s fashion trends?


Pearls produce an intense, deep shine called luster. This effect is created when light reflects off the many layers of tiny calcium carbonate crystals that compose the pearl. This substance is called nacre. When selecting a pearl, consider that the larger the pearl, the more nacre it has, so it will also exhibit even more luster. Compare a 5mm Cultured fresh water pearl with a 10mm South Sea Cultured pearl and the difference in the amount of nacre is obvious. The difference in luster is as clearly visible as the difference in the pearl sizes.


The size of the pearl greatly depends on the type of pearl. Cultured fresh water pearls range from about 5–8.5mm, and Tahitian pearls can reach sizes as large as 13mm.

Exchanging your purchase

To exchange a jewelry item to PearlaBella please follow the process below:

1.Please e-mail our PearlaBella consultants at pearlabella111@aol.com to arrange for an exchange.

2. After the initial contact and approval then place all the original packaging in a box within 14 days of receipt. A Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is required from PearlaBella and this number must be placed on the envelope being returned.

3. Ship your package via US Postal Service priority mail with insurance. Once your return is received it will be reviewed by our Quality Assurance department. You will receive notification regarding the exchange within five business days.

4. If a different size is required and is currently not in inventory, PearlaBella will make every attempt to get your size for you. If that is not possible, you will be able to exchange it for another piece for the same dollar amount.  If the item is in stock, PearlaBella will ship out within 5 days. Standard shipping charge $5.00 for a returned item being sent back out.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email one of our pearl consultants at pearlabella111@aol.com

Caring About Pearls

Pearls are less durable than most gems. They are sensitive to acids, dryness, and humidity. If you wear cosmetics and/or perfume, put these on BEFORE putting on your pearl jewelry. When taking off your pearls, you can wipe them with a dry, lint-free cloth. If required, clean your pearls with warm soapy water being careful that the drill hole does not get water into it as the pearl may discolor. Dry your pearls flat on an absorbent soft (preferably lint-free) towel. Always store your pearl necklaces flat as the silk thread will stretch. Store pearls in fabric bags for best protection. Do not store pearls with other jewelry, as they will scratch. Store pearls in a dry environment. Avoid using plastic bags as moisture may get trapped and cause damage.